Personal Computer training for healthcare professionals.

Sample Courses

Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel For Nursing Professionals

Learn how to use Microsoft Excel for the clinical, administrative, and financial aspects of nursing. Undertake Length-Of-Stay Analysis, Create and Evaluate Patient Acuity, Analyze Nurse Staffing, and other important aspects of nursing.
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Intermediate Microsoft Excel for Healthcare Financial Managers

Take your knowledge of Excel to the “next level” by quickly and easily learning some of the sophisticated data management skills that you’ve been too busy to master. Learn how to use Excel’s built-in Report Writer. Learn important Filtering techniques. Tackle that all important Pivot Table. And learn how to use the VLOOKUP function to do things that you never thought Excel could do.

Integrating Microsoft Word and Power Point For Healthcare Professionals

Learn how you can easily and efficiently integrate Microsoft Word and Power Point. Learn some tips and tricks for harvesting data from other databases and turning that data into actionable information. Expand your knowledge of graphics and how to use the various charting tools that are not always so intuitive.

Introduction to Microsoft Access for Healthcare Professionals

This course is designed for the healthcare professional who needs to know how they can better utilize database management technology. You will learn how to create both simple and complex databases, and how you can easily link these databases to your hospital information system.